with TIME… for LOVE!

There is no pleasure greater than a state of mind that does not seek pleasure.

-Sri Sri Ravishankar


Tried, tested and worked: Ways to beat the Crap out of depression!

Nobody deserves to succumb to adversities and if you are determined to fight against it – join me in BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF DEPRESSION from this world!

It is disheartening to see the percentage of depressed people around the world go higher and higher and I very strongly believe it is high time that we stand up for our near and dear ones and heed their minds that

LIFE is extremely precious and  way beyond a breakup, an examination, unemployment, financial crunch and everything else!!

I am going to start a new series titled: “Ways to beat the crap out of depression”, covering inspiring stories (from as long as 8000 B.C ) of people who really made it through challenging times to win over the small mind and annihilate negativity from its roots!

Also, I request all of you to come up with more ideas to spread this awareness and we can work on it together!

Please feel free to contact me regarding suggestions, support or collaborations (music, art, blogs, etc)