I am kicking-off a new series titled “Ways to beat the crap out of depression” with a couple of inspiring stories that date back to as long as 7000 B.C. (Thretha Yuga).

#1: Lord Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya was exiled from the kingdom, minutes before his coronation (details in the next post). His wife Sita and brother Lakshmana accompanied him to spend the next 14 years in the woods. In an unfortunate event, the King of Lanka abducts Sita in the absence of Rama and Lakshmana. They relentlessly search for her, knowing which King Sugreeva promises to help them by sending his armies of Apes (Vaanara Sena) in all the four directions of the country to find her whereabouts.

Our hero of the day, Hanuman, is part of the army that headed towards the southern tip of the country. On reaching the shores of the Indian Ocean with no traces of Sita, discouraged, many of them decide to end their lives, for having failed to fulfill their King’s command. After an interesting turn of events, they come to know that Sita is held captive in Lanka (Sri Lanka), to reach where, one has to cross the ocean (with no bridge) that is widespread for over a distance of 1000 miles and the task seemed impossible. Everyone started discussing about their own abilities and realized that only Hanuman can accomplish this humongous task.

Meanwhile, completely unaware of His own powers, Hanuman quietly sat on the shore and was lost in his thoughts. The minute His peers remind him of His strength, He realizes His abilities and rises up SO high into the sky,  that it not only made the ocean seem smaller, but also instilled immense strength in other apes, who would have otherwise ended their lives out of despair!

He flies to Lanka and eventually finds Sita 😀



#2: In the battle between Lord Rama and the King of Lanka, Lakshmana gets hit by an arrow and becomes unconscious. He needs to be cured within a couple of hours with the essence of a medicinal plant named “Sanjeevani”, that is found only in the Himalayas. Hanuman takes up this herculean task, reaches the Himalayas (travels from Sri Lanka to the north of India) but fails to recognize the plant amongst various others. With absolutely no luxury of wasting time and a life at stake, He outgrows His body and uproots the entire mountain to fit in His palm! He flies back to Lanka with the mountain and saves Lakshmana!! 😀


Though deities outgrowing their bodies is a very “normal” yet a fascinating tale, there is one big lesson we can all learn from it!

The phenomenon of outgrowing one’s body symbolizes that He believes he is bigger than the problem (or event) and that is when he gains the inner strength to conquer the small mind, crush the adversity and emerge victorious!✊🏼💪🏼

In challenging times, (like a financial crisis, divorce, recession or getting fired, etc..,)  know that committing suicide is NOT AN OPTION and that you HAVE the inner strength to look ahead and kick the problem in its face!! When we believe the opponent (or the problem in front of us) is stronger than us, we feel incompetent, fearful and assume it is the end of the world. But,

The moment you silence the chattering of your mind by believing that you are bigger than the problem (event or task) that is in front of you, no event or adversity can touch you, forget about putting you down!! 

Wipe away your tears,

Burn away your fears,

for your problem doesn’t mean it is the end,

and know that you are STRONG enough to crush it, my Friend!✊🏼

Today, as we celebrate Hanuman’s birthday, let us not only learn to use this skill of overcoming our obstacles, but also empower the people around us to “think BIG!”

Don’t Keep Calm aur zorrr se bolo Jai Shree Raam!😀

#SayNOToDepression #SayYESToLife and TOGETHER LET’S NURTURE LIFE!!! ❤️💪🏼✊🏼

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