Happy New Year ’17! 

January 1st of every year is a special day as our near and dear ones remind us to reflect on important moments from the previous year, embrace them and move forward into the new one with zest, all of this unimaginably camouflaged in one question: “What is your New Year resolution?” 

 My NYE message is: When you fail to commit to your resolution, don’t wait for Dec 31st to regret and start over, instead tie your shoe laces then and there and start again. If you happen to break it again, never mind! Start over again and just keep starting over until you fulfill your resolution! 


Taking life-changing resolutions at any time of the year rings the bell for a new year in our lives!

Also, it is high time that we start looking at life from a larger and REAL perspective and this is undoubtedly the BEST New Year’s message I have ever received! 

PS: We welcomed New Year ’17 with this super yum cake baked by me😜 

PPS: I really can’t see you struggling to decode the obscure pattern of m&m on my cake, so it was supposed to look like “NY😀2017” and I do know that its not even close😆

May we all commit ourselves to  our resolutions as excitingly as we have put them on paper! 

Happpiest New Year everyone!😀🎉


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