The Ultimate War

Maa Kuru Dhana Jana Yauvana garvam Harati nimesha kaalaah sarvam!

The pride you take in your lineage, wealth, fame and beauty will all be perished in a second by Time!

-Bhaja Govindam

Ah! As if to show me a “demo” of what the above Sanskrit verse meant, Time did snatch away the pride of ownership of things I carried in my life…in a jiffy!

Everything I loved collapsed, my concepts laid down broken, all the bubbles I grew up in popped at once and threw me into a valley of despair. For a very long time I did not react and obediently embraced silence. I was startled by my own resilience. But, when people I trusted the most continued to backstab me from every corner of my life, that was when it became unbearable and I screamed on top of my voice, “Is there a way OUT of this?”

After a long pause, I heard, “Nope. There’s only a way IN!”

I immediately shut the door, locking myself from the outside world and started walking towards the voice, when a group of charming ladies pulled me back. “We’re so glad you are here!” they said and walked me towards a beautiful garden amidst a picturesque view of the Alps . I dreamt all my life to see this place! “We promise to fulfill all your desires if you come with us!” they said and then I went on a memorable journey where all my fantasies came true! The more I asked, the more I was given and it did feel like heaven!

After a while, I told them the purpose of my visit and that I need to search for the place where the voice came from and took their leave.  As I started walking back, some of them followed and asked me to stay back for some more time. I obliged and started back after a while and they followed me again and blocked my way. This went on for some time and suddenly, they started forcing me to stay and  threatened me to listen to them and not to move even an inch without them ordering. I was trapped.

“There is so much more to show. We have been waiting for you since a long time and will not let you escape from us this easily!” they said.  Their charm weared out as they started pounding on me like an enraged pack of wolves.

I never saw this coming  and was awakened the moment I realized that every desire I thought that would make me happy and every relationship I brooded over saying it was “mine” turned out to be my bitterest enemies preying on me from within. Now, I have no option but to fight back before being enslaved by these vicious beasts.

I had no weapons to attack. No skill of warfare to defeat. I thought I was done, when I heard the voice, again,

This is the battle that will grant you the real freedom, answers all your questions, restores faith in yourself and is The Ultimate way out of the vicious cycle of rebirth! You don’t need any weapons. Surrender and be the weapon!

Nimitthamaathram Bhava Savyasaachi!

Surrender and become the instrument of God, O Arjuna!

-Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

I trusted the voice. Took a deep breath in and I let it go!

Now, here I stand with a world camouflaged by Illusion in the backdrop, Encapsulated in the hallucinations of the mind, battered by the uncertainty of life,  excruciated by bondage, shielded by the indestructible desire to know the Truth and armed with nothing but the five senses, ready, to forge ahead and mercilessly beat the crap out of hundreds of ruthless demons ruling my body from within!

So, who do you think is going to win this enigmatic version of the Mahabharatha?

Well, let Time decide!

Have a thoughtful weekend 😀



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