Let’s go round aaand round!

Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me if it is possible to be spiritual in spite of being caught up in the whirlpool of worldly responsibilities and if yes, how do we accomplish that?
This question kept me thinking for a while, but this is what I concluded:
Just like how natural it is for the Earth to rotate around it’s own axis and revolve around the Sun at the same time and stopping any one of these would mean “The end” to our show over here, we can definitely manage the complexities of our own lives while continuing to work on a way out of the vicious cycle of rebirth! So, it is a YES!
In Kaliyuga, for obvious reasons, materialistic life must be complemented with spirituality. Well, one can very much renounce everything (as if we own any of those things that we think are “mine” in the first place ) and can sit on top of a mountain, chant, meditate and turn blue or walk amongst people, serve, meditate, celebrate and transform this beautiful planet into a harmonious place to live 🙂
The choice is yours and blessings are The Almighty’s 😛
P.S.: To “meditate” in both the scenarios answers the “how?” part! We will dive deeper in the coming posts
Thank you and have a thoughtful weekend 😀


10 thoughts on “Let’s go round aaand round!

  1. Hi. Nice post. I would like to add something..In our daily lives if we do every act with the intention of pleasing the Almighty,we are beautifying both our worlds.
    For example someone cooks food with the intention of providing energy to all household members. Or a doctor prescribes with the intention of providing relief.


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