The Eighth Night

Note: I wrote this article, reflecting on several unfortunate occasions, where few people totally misunderstood the purpose of The Navratri celebrations and passed not-so-good-to-hear comments. Well, we all commit mistakes, while the key lies in realizing and correcting ourselves! Interested people can know the actual meaning and purpose that is mentioned at the end of this article. Thank you 🙂


Day 7:

I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly with a sigh, trying to calm down. I told myself to “just let it go” when I heard it for the first time. It didn’t seem to work out. Over the next few days, those words continued to reverberate in my ears again, again and again. Now, after reaching the brink of inertness, I realized that I can’t kill my conscience and act as if nothing has happened anymore. Here’s why..

My Mother, was (rather, is being) insulted. Yes, you heard it right.

The bond between a mother and a child is so inexpressible that nothing but experiencing it can completely define its essence! Every element in this vastness is a part of Her and all of us are Her children. She knows us the best and manifested Herself in every house to give birth to us, just because we don’t even qualify to recognize Her immensity. To describe Her aura and beauty is way beyond the proficiency of even the greatest scholars and poets of all time.

Revered as The Divine Mother and an embodiment of unconditional love, the entire Universe bows in front of Her to ecstatically celebrate Her ubiquity through silence, meditation, singing and dancing for a spiritually stimulating nine days and nights called the Navrathri.

This incident happened during one such celebration…

Day 1

All of us were completely immersed in the festivities when suddenly, this celestial extravaganza was interrupted by a wave of mockery, obscenity and embarrassment. Within no time, the environment around me started getting enveloped in blasphemy. Lumbering in the swamp of insensitivity, they slandered Her without any qualms. All of them were so highly intoxicated in ignorance, that they have failed to realize that they were pelting stones of vulgarity at their own Mother. Flabbergasted, some of us decided to stop them, forgetting that we were nothing but our mumma’s babies enchained by the fear of survival!

Day 8

After 7 days of uninterrupted verbal bashing, they began celebrating their ‘victory’ over our incapabilities by whooping in triumph, beating their chests in jubilance, laughing at us in derision and started leaving the premises. As I saw them walk away, my helplessness pierced deeper into my heart. To not just insult Her but to get away without a punishment churned the life out of me. It was more painful than shredding myself into pieces. No. I couldn’t move on by simply shrugging it off as a bad dream. Each and every word they said continued to groan in the background.

Ashamed, I closed my eyes and  hung my head down, surrendering to my cowardice. Tears began to gush out involuntarily as I tightly clenched my fists to control my furiosity.

Where are you?

Anthar mukha samaaraadhyaa bahir mukha sudurlabhaa!

She, Who can be more easily attained by internal thoughts than external prayers

-Sri Lalitha Sahasranaamam

She was untouched by innumerable insults that have been hailing at Her since a long time, but She could not tolerate Her child’s tears even for a second!

Now, She knows that it’s time for Her to come and set things right.

In the midst of anger, pain and embarrassment, a series of intense thunderclaps alerted our minds and silenced their celebrations . Everyone looked up in anxiety. The sky seemed to have gulped all the darkness created by ignorance and inaction, as it looked terrifying in a pitch-black garb, indicating an imminent spectacle. It continued to roar like the king of the jungle in the company of relentless gale and lightning. People murmured in ambiguity, as none of us knew that the stage was being set up for The Eternal Dance!

“I am coming for you!” She said. “For me? No. I don’t even consider myself alive anymore.”

Turning a deaf ear to what I was saying, She decided to evolve from the only thing I possessed-100% incompetence.




She is rising from within, from the union of my helplessness and anger.

Her skillfully-tied hair is spreading the aroma of The Himalayan herbs, while the vermilion on the top of Her forehead reminds me of blushful cheeks of a newly married girl!

Her eyebrows look like the Vindhya mountains and the vermillion bindi in the glabella looks like the first sight of sunrise in Dhanurmaasam!


To describe the beauty of Her eyes, through which She oversees the entire Universe, Her ears that help Her hear our prayers, Her nose and petal-like lips is way beyond my proficiency!

The sharpness of Her neck, strength of Her shoulders, warmth of Her Bosom, softness of Her arms, tenderness in Her palms are as inexpressible as the sacredness of Her womb, power in Her thighs, ferocity in Her legs and firmness of Her feet!

Mahaa Kaamesha Mahishi Mahaa Tripura Sundari!

The Consort of Shiva, The Most beautiful lady in The Universe!! 

-Sri Lalitha Sahasranaamam


The crowd erupted in joy!

Lifting my bent head, She wiped my tears and freed the hold of my tightly-clenched fists. I looked at Her and smiled when She said, “I will take care. You Don’t worry!”

“Here she comes!” mocked the group.

The moment my smile assured Her of my well-being, She fiercely turned back and forged ahead, with a shrill war cry. With the rhythm of Her footsteps synchronizing with my accelerated heart beat, I know She is on a relentless rampage. Every step that She is taking is increasing unstoppable fear in them, as they are clamoring and heedlessly running to find an escape. They are no match to Her ferocity!

She continued to chase each one of them and as every moment passed, their ill-mindedness began dissolving in The Emptiness, their pride is being crushed under the feet of Her Might, their ego is expanding into Her Omniscience and their mind coalesced with The Big Mind.

Finally, as She raises Her Trident to liberate Her unrighteous children from the tyranny of their ignorance, some of us jumped in joy and began celebrating by bursting fireworks, singing and dancing, while others are kneeling down in awe and love, with folded hands, teary-eyed and adorning a wide resilient smile.

We have all come together again to resonate Her Glory in the Universe and roared on top of our voices:


SuraLalanaa Tatatheyi Tatheyi Krtaabhinayodara Nrtya-Rate
Krta Kukuthah Kukutho Gaddadaadika-Taala Kutuuhala Gaana-Rate
Dhudhukutta Dhukkutta Dhimdhimita Dhvani Dheera Mrdamga Ninaada-Rate






In Sanskrit , “mahisha” means a buffalo and is the symbol for dullness “asura” means a demon and “Mardini” is She Who destroys. Maa Durga is named Maashishaasura Mardini, as She destroys the demon of dullness hidden in every person!

Wishing you all a very Happy and a Spiritual Navrathri! Jai Mata Di! ❤

Significance of Navrathri

9 thoughts on “The Eighth Night

  1. Dear Aalekhya read the entire blog holding the breath.So beautiful and marvelous.I could visualize the goddess through your words.God’gift.Stay blessed


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