Hunger-free World? YES!

“This is heaven!” I thought. During the next ten minutes ( rather, TEN MINUTES!!!), I didn’t even bother to check my phone or laptop (patting my back) as I was relishing every single morsel of food on my plate like never before! This was followed by a series of utterly crazy whirlpool of emotions…. for just staying hungry for more than 4 hours?!? :O

In a drop of  hat it made me think that in spite of being lavishly accommodated with the “basic” amenities of life, I couldn’t bear the tantrums of my tummy for a few hours.. Then well, what about all those people who apparently don’t even know when their next meal is going to be and are starving to death?

I immediately started searching for the most starved nations and couldn’t believe that there are some countries where more than 68% of it’s population suffers from undernourishment.

I visited Action Against Hunger page and I was shocked to know that a mere $45 can provide lifesaving treatment to a malnourished child. Immediately, I started a fundraising page for Students Against Hunger and now, I would like you to be a part of it. 😀

As far as donation is considered, trust me, every penny counts! So donate how much ever you can. We never know which portion of our donation is going to answer the prayers of an agonized mother living thousands of miles away, or wipe the tears off a disheartened father’s face, who is hoping to see his child smile or induce life into a child’s withering dream to be able to play with his friends again!

Join me in making this world a better place to live in by contributing through my fundraising page. Do let me know if you have better ideas of lending a helping hand to these beautiful souls! Here’s the link to my page:

Before I sign-off, Thanks in advance- from all these amazing children around the world! 😀 😀

#SpreadLove ❤


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