It was the first day of my college and a series of feelings swayed my mind. As soon as I entered the classroom, I quietly sat down and began scanning through all the faces to see if I already knew anyone.

Search results: No matches found. Sigh!😒

Few minutes later, after exchanging few awkward smiles, some of us introduced each other and scurried back to silence in no time!

That was when “Hey! Do you have a Facebook account?” broke the ice! “Yeah!”

We immediately sent friend requests to each other, took our first ever selfie together, uploaded on Facebook with a ceaseless sequence of hashtags. #FirstDay #BtechLife #NewChapter #NewFriends #VeryHappy……. and unknowingly started getting excited for every ‘like’ and ‘comment’ for rest of the day (rather days to come!)



“It is very important to have an updated LinkedIn profile with your skill set, recommendations and achievements” they said.

Let me clear the air before you wonder about the question behind this answer. “Is it easy to get a job after Masters in the US?” I asked. Yes, coz its Grad school and you gotta be serious about your career from Day1 😉

I Immediately logged on to http://www.linkedin.com to update the account (that was created just like that three years ago!) after a series of unsuccessful attempts of getting the right password 😛

The account looked like a Chatpata Chana patty with neither “Chatpata” nor “Chana” in it and most of my connections had a “500+” mark on their profile while I was staggering at 89.

This led to what I call Mission500+

From then on asking “Do you have a LinkedIn profile?” without a pinch of hesitance began to crush the ice 😜

In order to reach the target as soon as possible, I followed steps that were taken to “build” and “maintain” my Facebook profile. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve observed 😉

#Basics The endorse the skills feature in LinkedIn is similar to the like option on Facebook while connections are meant to be friend requests 🤗

#AnxiousSoul There was a time when I woke up to check the number of likes or comments for my post. Now I do that to check the number of connections. 🤔

#DesperateSoul I heard and even experienced random people sending a message to like their post. I think they’re now busy asking for endorsements!👏🏻

#ProModeOn People who follow Robert Downey Jr, Kim Kardashian, Katy perry on Facebook now follow Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Jeff  Weiner. Thus defining what it actually means to be professional!🤓

#MegaProMode Interested in men/women is now changed to children, health, social awareness, environment.😆

#GeekMode Part of pages like Spring’15 confessions, This page will make you LOL, Telugus in US,etc. But now part of groups like AngularJS developers, Cloud computing, Full stack Java developers and what not!

#SassyIntro About me is terrifically transformed from

I DnT CaRe AbT Wt u ThInK aBt mE, cZ I KnW tHt I’m d BeStTt! (Chuck u upper, lower and camel cases..Make way for the mountain case!) 😭

Graduate Teaching Assistant at ABC Unveristy | Actively looking for full-time opportunities from Dec’15 #LikeABoss 😎

Sparing the best for the last!

#Getting”Connected” When one of my friends was getting matches from a matrimony site, I remember stalking.. nah.. observing that person on Facebook to see the kind of posts he writes. It’s a background verification process. Fasten your seat belts people coz nowadays, people are searching for profile on LinkedIn also, just to make sure that not just the DP but the info on degrees and employment are not fake-ish 😂

so are you IN? 😉

PS: Here’s the link to my LinkedIn Profile. Well, just saying!😜

Have a Joyous weekend! 😇


4 thoughts on “500+

  1. Nicely written. This is graduation into social links on-line. It may also get saturation soon and new linking process starts; who knows?
    Well done


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