We’re in the 52nd week of 2015! :O I know most of you can’t believe it (me too) but it is that time of the year again where our Facebook walls will be flooded with a fluky collection of posts in the name of “Your year  in review”, people bla-bla about never-going-to-work-on “Resolutions”, event organizers go crazy promoting the “New year Bash” and in the midst of this hullabaloo, some of us are super-worried about ending even this year on a “single” note , while others are eagerly waiting for the wedding season to kick off for the “eternal hook up” 😛  Elated graduates, frustrated job-seekers, anxious parents, ambitious film makers, doctors, engineers, all of us are very eagerly waiting to know what 2016 has in store for us! Yey!!


Well, 2015 has been an eventful year with amazing memories that were imperatively complemented by Mother Nature’s most valuable tutorial on learning life’s best lessons the hardest way. I would like to sign-off with an interesting lesson I’ve learned from an even more interesting design of an object this year. Something I will repeat to myself every morning as soon as I wake up in 2016!


I never thought I will get inspired from a conditioner I use 😛 Well, I know that most of you are on the floor laughing at this, but it did have something to say..

#LessonLearnt is: If your foundation (ethics, state of mind, attitude) is not strong, you will be mercilessly flipped and tossed upside-down 😛

Hundred people will say ten thousand things to you. Listen(not necessary though) to all of them  but do ONLY what you think is right FOR YOU. Never let other’s views/opinions take charge of your life because unfortunately, life does not come with an Undo button!

That’s it 🙂


Wishing you all a very Happy and a fantabulous 2016! 😀

Lot’s of Love and Joy,



2 thoughts on “Every morning in 2016

  1. Hi Aalekhz, Nice to read. Your conditioner shampoo influenced about strong foundation etc., fine; what about your every morning in 2016? (head for the heading) Say something.
    SVRao Thatha


    1. Haha thank you so much my dearest grandfather! The title means that every morning in 2016 I will be repeating these words of wisdom of having a centered mind, right attitude and not to get swayed by others’ opinion!! 🙂 lots of love 🙂


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