Keep Calm and give Time..some time! ;)

“Don’t worry. When your time comes, everything will be alright.”

“It’s just a matter of time.”

“Things change with time. Just be patient.”  

Do not hurry up. Time answers all your questions

“This too shall pass!”

These are some of the  many lines about time that people say , forcing us to find solace during a tough phase in life. Many times, I found it ridiculous to be patient and wait for some things to happen just because it wasn’t the right time and blaming the bad times for my failure seemed nonsensical.

 My quest to know about time and how does it control every small thing that’s happening around me began as a Class 9 student. In one of the English language classes, we were discussing about Upagupta, a poem written by Sri Rabindranath Tagore. “I will visit you when the time is ripe” says Upagupta refusing the dancing girl’s offer- that left me wondering what does he mean by that?! The poem ended with these words from the monk: “The time has come to visit you and I am here.” While the rest of the class was happy that the lesson was over, I dissolved into silence. The message was strong and deep enough to confuse a 14-year-old. My perplexed mind was desperate to find an answer to what does ‘right time’ meanUpagupta laid a very strong foundation in my journey towards the Self.  I started asking people to explain the significance of time in one’s life. I got a variety of answers but most of them advised me to read The Bhagawad Geetha, assuring me that I will find answers to all my questions there.

I started reading The Geetha and had innumerable discussions about the same with my relatives, friends and teachers.  I was more amazed and interested in listening to the stories involving Arjuna and Krishna in particular. What an impeccable combination of Nara and Narayana!

With time, the desperation I once had, to know the answers, faded out. But, as a responsible Mother, Nature humbled me and brought me back to planet Earth with amazing lessons. In one such situation, I started analyzing the beautiful relationship of Krishna and Arjuna. They have known each other for a very long time. Anyone who read or know about The Mahabharata would agree to this. In spite of being the Ocean of Knowledge, Krishna never preached The Geetha to Arjuna, just because He knew him or He was close to him. With the intimacy that He had with Arjuna, He could have woken him up during sleep and say;” Hey Arjuna! Let me share some important knowledge with you, that might be useful in the future.” No. He never did that. Especially during the Vanavaas, Krishna would have met Arjuna anytime and said,”Now that you are free, I shall give u some tips for  a better life, to deal with your mind,etc ” A big NO! He never did that too, for he knew that the time wasn’t ripe. What use is that knowledge, when it doesn’t ring a bell in a seeker’s mind?!

 It was only when Arjuna couldn’t handle his mind (overpowered by fear and anxiety) and dropped his bow and arrow to the ground, fell on his knees and surrendered his anxiety to Him, that Krishna started treating his mind with knowledge! He knew that, Arjuna was ready to swim in The Ocean of Knowledge, whatever wisdom He shared with him at that time would stay in his mind till eternity, every word that He speaks would break free his mind from the barriers of ego, fear and anxiety and make him strong enough to fight the battle(of life!)!

<Ting-Ting!> Did it ring a bell for you too? 😉

#LessonLearnt In a helpless situation, the moment you decide to dump your ego, kneel down, bend your head in respect and love for The Omnipresent and fold your hands not to ask for something but to tell Him that you trust nothing but Him- it is then that surrender has happened! Then I realized ‘right time’ happens when Mother Nature makes you ‘eligible’ for something higher. 

PS: In the words of my Master, surrender is not just saying “Oh God! My problem is at your feet do whatever you want to do with it now” It should be complemented with responsibility: “God! I will do whatever I can with everything that you have given me. The result of which, is Your will.” That would open the doors for a miracle and the rest, is history! 🙂

Yatr Yogeshwarah Krishno yatr Paardho dhanurdharaha 

Thatr sreervijayobhoothir dhruvaaneethirmathirmama

In the presence of Yogeshwara Lord Sri Krishna and Arjuna, who is now soaked in knowledge and ready to fight the battle (of life) there will be abundance of wealth, victory, dharma and righteousness! 

Wishing you all a very happy and a spiritual Janmaashtami!


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