It’s Shri Rama Navami! So many wonderful memories associated with this day – going to the temple to attend the special pujas, reading some verses from The Ramayana and hooking on to the TV to watch one of the greatest movies of all time- Lava Kusa while sipping some paanakam (a drink that is specially made on this day by mixing water with powdered jaggery and cardamom)

How can I forget to write about watching the live telecast from Bhadraachalam on DD in awe with the variety of flowers they use to decorate the Bride and Her Groom! Legend says that there will be showers commemorating the muhurath of the Seetha Raama Kalyanam. As a child, I remember running to the veranda exactly at 12 in the noon to see if it is going to drizzle and let me tell you, I was never disappointed! 🙂

While my relatives chanted the Vishnu Sahasranama Sthothram , I used to listen to them silently until I hear ‘Eshwara Uvaacha‘ which has the most powerful shloka..and shout out loud:

Shree Raama raamethi Rame raame Manorame!

Sahsranaama thatthulyam Raama naama varaanane. 

(Which means that saying “Shree Raama” will give the benefits of chanting the 1000 names of Shree Maha Vishnu.) I used to punch my fist in the air after reading the shloka, for now I have the same ‘power’ as that of everyone who chanted the sthothram for nearly 30 minutes! 😉

Lest did I know that it was just this name that transformed a thief into a saint – the story of Valmiki, who wrote The Ramayana.

It was uninterrupted chanting of this name that made Hanuman immortal.

The very thought of this name gives immense courage and strength to face one’s biggest fears

and it is the vibrations of this name that instantly liberate us from trauma and any form of bad karma!

Now, that is what I refer to as a complete package!  😉

I always visualized Rama as a super-hero Whose discipline in action, commitment towards Dharma and ferocity in war won Him a million hearts! 😉 Being His greatest fan, here’s a sneak-peek of how every stage of His life can inspire this generation even after 7000 years!


The world desperately wanted someone who could end the atrocities of demons, who used to torture sages, forcing them to stop performing the yagnyas. It needed a leader who could set an example for the future generations by walking in the path of Dharma for each and every second of his life and last but not the least, the reign of Ravana had to come to an end.


Lord Vishnu, The Protector, decided to come down for us to fulfill all our wishes and took birth as the son of King Dasarath and Kausalya. Like any other prince, He acquired knowledge from a Guru and was an extremely obedient and disciplined student. He revered and respected His Gurus and treated them like God. Nowadays, we find students making fun of their teachers and mocking at them. Teachers lay a foundation of our life and one cannot imagine living a respectable life without the values they instill in us! Every student of this generation should learn to respect their teachers from the 15-year-old Raama.


Just few hours before being crowned as the King of Ayodhya, Rama, who went to His father’s palace to seek his blessings was shocked to see Dasaratha overpowered with grief. The moment Raama got to know that it is the promise His father made to Kaikeyi to send Him into exile for 14 years that made Dasaratha so depressed, He sighs in relief saying that He was worried about something bigger than this and decided to leave for the forest that very moment. He neither took time to think nor got upset with Kaikeyi. He took her blessings before taking leave! What a Gem of a Son! The young and dynamic Raama inspires the youth to give more priority to family’s values and principles and not to get carried away by wealth and luxuries of life. He also inspires to have a centered mind, that cannot be disturbed by any catastrophe, however big that might be!


When Bharata was offered the crown after Raama’s exile, he rejected the plea and in stead placed the Holy sandals of his brother Raama on the Simhaasan( chair of a king). Lakshmana followed his brother to the woods admitting that he cannot even live for a second in Raama’s absence. Their relationship is an epitome of brotherhood. The love they had for each other was immeasurable. These loving brothers of Rama inspire today’s brothers to stop falling prey to the desire of going to any extent to acquire the inheritable wealth and properties and in stead realize how valuable their bond is!


When Lakshmana decided to accompany Rama and Sita to the forests, his wife Urmila, not only supported his decision, but was also granted a boon that she would sleep for the next 14 years in stead of Lakshmana which helped him relentlessly serve Rama and Sita. Perfect example of how a wife should understand her husband’s responsibilities and help him fulfill them!


What can i say about the best couple Universe has ever seen- Rama and Sita! In spite of knowing that he can’t live without Sita, Rama thought it was not right to let her come along with Him and suffer in the woods. Such was His love for her. Even after Sita was sent into woods, several beautiful women pleaded Him to marry them. He said that every woman other than Sita was equal to His sister. In a generation where adultery is annihilating the institution of marriage- Rama’s Ekapathnivratham (being a one-woman man) comes as a savior!


Sita. The most beautiful and pampered daughter of King Janaka! When Rama said He is going to leave for the forests without Sita, Her heart trembled. She could not imagine Her life even for a second without looking at Her beloved husband! Rama was Her breath and His presence was the origin of all pleasures in the Universe for Her! She went into exile with Him and when Ravana lured her with all the wealth asking Sita to marry Him, She considered him as nothing less than a weed!

In Her entire Life, there wasn’t even a single moment where she cursed Her husband or His clan for the problems She had to face in the woods. She knew it was equally difficult and near to impossible for Rama also to bear the pain of being separated! An impeccable inspiration for every young lady out there to always love and support your spouse for what he is and for not his wealth and power. She is The example for every woman to be strong and Self-dependent even in the toughest situations and to develop perseverance to go through any hardship that life puts us in!  


Hanuman! The ardent devotee of Raama! On His way to Lanka, Hanuman was offered to rest on a mountain which he simply declines saying that: I am on a mission and will not take rest for even a second until it is accomplished. #Goosebumps! Hanuman inspires each one of us to be committed and disciplined to the work that is assigned to us. He also teaches us that anything is possible with devotion, the only step to be taken is to make an effort to wake up The Divine within us!

<Tick-Tock+7000 years>

Ramayana is an Ocean of Knowledge. This Rama Navami, gift yourself the experience of swimming in the Raamarasam!

PS: It will take me several years to write the significance of each and every character of The Ramayana 😛 😀

A humble request to all parents: Educate your children about Ramayana by telling anecdotes from the epic. Later on, during their tough times, when they are stuck in life and feel helpless, they will at least recollect that they once heard a story, in which a King, Who is now worshiped as God has fought several challenges that life posed to Him, in spite of which He never failed to attend to His duties, treated every citizen of the Kingdom like His child, forgave every person who were responsible for causing irreparable damage to His life and come what may The One Who followed the righteous path until giving up His body! Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Super Hero of The Universe… Raam.. Shree Raam!!

Aapadaam apaharthaaram daathaaram sarvasampadaam

Lokaabhiraamam Shri Raamam Bhooyo Bhooyo Namaamyaham!

Wishing you all a very Happy and a Spiritual Shree Rama Navami! 🙂 🙂

Don’t keep Calm

aur zor se bolo 



4 thoughts on “The Name is Raam.. Shree Raam!

  1. Aalekhya : Thank you for making us to recite RAAMARASAM on SRI RAMA NAVAMI. Many congratulations for sharing your thoughts for the present younger generation. Keep writing …


  2. Wooow!!!! Nothing less than a super hero..
    Who knows may be every thought of visualizing a superhero in today’s fiction has stemmed from Shri Raam. 😀

    Such a lovely blog.. I’m really blessed to read this awesome blog..

    Kudos aal!! Keep going


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