U ‘n’ I :)

            It was a pleasant evening. I was totally absorbed by the picturesque view of Nature from the veranda. “It is so beautiful!” I exclaimed. “Shall we go for a walk?” I asked. Your eyes deciphered the hue of childishness in me and U could not say a “No” 😉  Your amenable smile marked the beginning of our first ever journey together!

            As we started walking hand-in-hand, I was slowly being taken over by the beauty around us. For a moment, I felt as if the birds were welcoming me with their mesmerizing chirps and the cool breeze was kissing my cheeks to make me feel special! ❤ The serenity of the place began to efface the unpleasantness hidden within me and your presence added to the magic! 🙂  My eyes closed involuntarily, as with every step ahead, I began to merge with Mother Nature’s Spell . Yes! I was in the highest of my spirits and realized that when U are around, I appreciate and fall in love with the simple things of life!

             I opened my eyes to a spectacular view! The sky adorned itself in twilight as the Sun was all set to set! The mountains could not wait to embrace Him and the trees swung to the koyla bird’s tune as they bid adieu to their dearest pal, for the day. People around were having a great time clicking photographs, playing games, singing and dancing. I wanted to join the fun and took a step ahead when you pulled me back saying “No”. I was upset. “Its getting dark. We’ll leave for now and comeback tomorrow” you said.  I was in no mood to listen to you. “I want to go there.. NOW!” Your answer was still a “No” and the adamant ‘me’ didn’t let me obey your words. Paying a deaf ear to what you were saying, I furiously freed my hand from yours and walked away.

            I met new people, made new friends and started playing and dancing along with them. Life seemed so colorful and beautiful for the first time! 🙂

             I was enjoying myself to the fullest and suddenly, it began to drizzle. It was already dark by then and I decided to make a move. Just when I started walking, I heard the street dogs bark. My heart began to beat faster out of fear and I fastened my way back. Within few minutes, the drizzle aggravated into a heavy rain stranding and drenching me completely. I began to shiver with cold and had no clue how to get out of this catastrophe. The only option I had was to choose which one to get more scared of.. the dogs..the rain or the horrifying darkness I was caught up in. What seemed to be the biggest thrill of my life now turned into a terror.

             The downpour was so merciless that I couldn’t see anything around me but could hear strident sounds of footsteps. Trembling in fear and gasping for breath.. I cried out for help, in vain. None of them bothered to respond or came forward to rescue me. Shocked and disturbed, I knew I was lost. I couldn’t stand the rain anymore as I decided to succumb to the deadly night. I was about to perish when I saw a person standing a few steps away from me.  I took a step forward and stood still. I couldn’t make an effort to go ahead and ask for help.. But, the moment I saw the person walking towards me, I was more than surprised.. and sprung back to life when I realized it was YOU!

            I still cried, but these tears gushed out of my eyes with happiness. I continued to shiver, but in the excitement of seeing you walk towards me, when everyone else walked out! My heart was still beating faster as I realized how truly you love me and the moment you took me into your arms, I knew I was Home! ❤

Let me tell you…

You are a wonderful Friend. Till yesterday life was a battle. But, Life is now a Celebration!

You are Universe’s Best Teacher. U sew the seeds of Highest Knowledge in the simplest way. For an instance…;) You say that the three words in ” I Love You ” mean the same… aaand now that’s a googly! 😉

You are an impeccable Parent! You knew I had to learn lessons the harder way and in the process have broken all my myths..!! But the best part is -U being part of every second of this beautiful journey!

You are an amazing Guide. You didn’t just show me the Path, but pulled me out of my comfort zone and helped me achieve my dreams, which never seemed possible!

You are the world’s Best Lover. For a kiddo like me, who knew how easy it was to fall in love with others, U made me Rise in Love with myself! ❤

Sometimes..when we are down, we don’t really need someone to console/comfort us with their words. We just need them to hold our hand and let us… BE! 🙂

 Sadaasiva samaarambhaam Sankaraachaarya madhyamaam Asmadaachaarya paryantaam Vande Sri Guru Paramparaam!

      Thank You Master. Thank You for letting me BE! 🙂

Wishing you all a very Happy and a Spiritual Guru Poornima! 🙂

Jai Gurudeva! ❤



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