The need to Rise.. in Love!

Falling down is not defeat

Defeat is when you refuse to get up!

This is one of the most inspiring quotes I have ever heard. To fall, is quite but natural and very much human. But, your strength lies in how quickly you recover from the thud and make a move forward! Small or big, taking a step ahead is all that is important.

Usually, when a person fails at something, he thinks he has two options:

1.To find solace in what his elders or friends say: This may give some relief but most of the time it does not last long. There are chances of getting irritated the second time he comes across the same so-called piece of advice(my personal experience :P )

2. To succumb to it: This is the worst way one can ever treat themselves. It starts with giving up on the issue they have failed at and ends with giving up their lives.

Most of us don’t even know that there is one person who can get us over such a catastrophe, who can help us from falling prey to the situation and give us the strength to stand on our own feet..

Are you ready to meet that person?

Get ready…!!

Stand up

Walk towards a mirror

Look at it.

Yes! It is YOU and ONLY YOU who has the ability to pull yourself upcalm your staggering mind and march ahead!


#TheProblem. We pay a lot of attention to hundred people saying ten thousand things about us and get busy by either feeling happy or sad about them. In the midst of all this chaos, there is a voice which most often fades away, unheard and even by chance if we happen to hear it, we don’t realize what it is saying.

#WhatToDo!?! Hmmm.. Well, to begin with, taking some time off all the drama that happens around you and spending quality time in silence is need of the hour! You heard enough from various sources. Its time to heed your mind and heal your heart with your Self, because,

With others you may fall in love,

But with you and your Self, you can only Rise in Love!

… to be continued! Keep Smiling! 🙂


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