with TIME… for LOVE!

Time. Few years ago, the only thing that I could relate with time was- a clock! Now, when I say Time, it is not about a clock, but the changes the hands of the clock brought in my life, through experiences! I was always heedless to sagacious people saying Everything changes with time. But, when I actually got to see how things really change, life did not seem so usual.

People. It is very surprising to see how people we never knew, all of a sudden become our highest priority. <Tick-Tock> Now, it is even more surprising to see why we don’t even look at each other anymore. #GivingUpOnPeople. Few more Tick-Tocks and the curtain falls! πŸ˜›


#TimeToWakeUp. I woke up to the fact that I am so amazed and perplexed about how people’s priorities, feelings, opinions and relations just change by the weather, that I was scatterbrained about the changes I, myself was going through.

Every step taken to resolve the tussle left me parched. Every chance I gave, hoping for a positive change, lead to dismay. Moreover, the unanswered questions- why, what and how, added to my confusion. Yes. It was an esoteric battle between the heart and the mind.

It was only when even blaming Karma for obfuscating this drama did not work, that I decided to shut all the doors, leaving space for no one other than me, in my life. In an attempt to find solace within, I told myself to take it easy, for this is the end of my dream- to have the world’s greatest love story. I never knew, it was just the beginning!


24 thoughts on “with TIME… for LOVE!

  1. Everything that has happened in your life leads to a very particular moment in time where everything becomes clear. All the question like why, what and how will be answered. And most important, for a great stories to begin many short stories have to end.


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